Corporate Sponsors

We have been privileged to have received fantastic support from corporate sponsors who have helped the expeditions in many ways, from the supply of kit, to product design to straighforward cash donations. Companies who have helped out to date, for which we are enormously grateful, are:

Living Room LogoThe Living Room chain of bars and restaurants sponsored the Iceland to Africa solo cycle ride with a sizeable cash donation.

GNER logoGNER were kind enough to provide the rail fare to Aberdeen to catch the ferry northwards to Iceland for the start.

Carradice logoCarradice of Nelson Limited provided the hard wearing and rugged panniers that were required for a long haul cycle ... and they were worth their weight in gold!

Smyril logoSmyril Line Ferries are a premier operator (it's like being on a cruise) running the service from the Nordic countries via the Shetlands and Faroe Islands to Iceland. They very kindly donated the full ferry fare.

Northlink logoNorthlink Ferries operate the local ferry services around the northern Islands, between Scotland, the Orkneys and the Shetland Islands. As well as overnight cabin accomodation the staff also arranged accomodation in Kirkwall. Their generosity and warmth is something I will never forget.

Directorbank logoDirectorbank Executive Search Limited provided a significant cash donation. In addition they provided an enormous amount of personal support - something it is impossible to put a value on.

Longbottoms logoJ & J W Longbottom Limited provide cast iron rainwater products (gutters, fall pipes and similar). They have also been a great personal supporter and have sponsored the expeditions with cash donations on numerous occasions.

Moss Bros LogoMoss Bros Plc Provided all of the suits for the expedition to Everest. They also provided a tremendous amount of PR support. Thank you to them for being such a huge help with our planning.

Qatar logoOur thanks to Qatar Airways for bringing us home safely ... and in style!

Wright logoThe Wright Wine Company, based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, is an excellent choice for all your wine. They were good enough to provide the mechanism for keeping our booze warm when the air temperature was -25!

Waverley logoWaverley Wines & Spirits provided the wine itself in special containers - they put an awful lot of effort into helping us with our particular needs.

Fat Face logoI can vouch for Fat Face T-shirts - they don't ever seem to wear out (or fade!). This is great when they're put through the test that we did.

Jordans logoJordan's cereal bars provided plenty of nourishment when it was most needed ... when faced with yet another bowl of garlic soup these took us to a different place.

Pongees logoThose heavy looking tablecloths ... nope,they were extremely lightweight (and expensive) silk from Pongees. Thank you.

William Hill logo... For betting on us!