Runswick to Whitby Swim - 29/08/10 (or shortly thereafter!)
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11/9/10 - Done! See the VIDEO of the day here.


July 2010
At the time of the swim, RBRB will have two boats available to it - our current boat, the Spirit of Runswick, and the new boat will also be available for training. Both will be in the water to shadow the swim although one must always be ready to react to other needs should they arise. There will, therefore, also be a kayak and a secondary scout boat in the water to assist.

The lead boat, which I will be swimming alongside, will be flying a 'diver in the water' flag and will be carrying a plentiful supply of bananas and fresh water to keep me going.

How long will it take? Well, that's a bit difficult to judge but it's likley to be somewhere around 4 hours. The swim is timed to take advantage of the tidal flow and, if I am far enough from the shore (a mile or more at times), this may give me an assistance of around 1 to 1.5 knots at peak.

This hasn't been done before so, although there will be plenty of training and tidal measurements in the run up, it will be unpredictable. I will give it everything but the exact results, date and timing will, to a large extent, be dependent on the conditions. Either way, it will be done!