Iceland To Africa By Bicycle 2004
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Corporate Sponsors

Your support is essential! If we are to get anywhere near our target then innovative sponsorship will be gratefully received. The aim is to get as much publicity for our corporate sponsors as possible, whilst raising as much money for Marie Curie as we humanly can! The doors opened to corporate sponsors on 19th July 2004 and will remain very much open until departure! Ideas include the following (these are ideas only and further suggestions will be well received).

- All sponsors' logos and a marketing pitch will appear here. If you would like evidence of media success from the previous expedition, please take a look at this link (media successes).

- A lead sponsor would have the right to headline branding for the trip which would be published in all media. There is also the option to provide brand badges on clothing, tent and bike.

- Sponsor the bike ... we are selling sponsorship of the bike for £3,000. Not only will this achieve a significant donation for Marie Curie, but the expedition bicycle (costing over £1,000) will be donated on your behalf to an African child/family with a greater need than Tom!

- All sponsor logos will apear on the back of the business card ... and Tom is very good at handing out business cards!

- Any other creative ideas your marketing team may have!