World Record Highest Altitude Formal Dinner Party 2004
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Back in early 2003, I was sitting at my desk thinking; there must be more I could do rather than working every hour god sent and feeling my youth pass by. When one of my clients rang me and admitted to feeling the same, we agreed to learn to skydive together ... and we did.

A few months later, and mission accomplished, he rang again. "It's my 30th birthday next year" he said "... and I want to break a World Record to mark the occasion." "Count me in" I said, "but isn't that going to be rather difficult?". So off he went to do some research.

Another month passed and he rang back. "Do you know what? They really are all rather difficult ..." he confessed ... "but there's one I really, really want to do ...". The idea was born and we embarked upon a year of meticulous planning, training and team building. The links below tell the story of our adventure:

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