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Christmas Dinner on Kilimanjaro
Page creator: Tom Bottomley
Page closes: 7th Mar 2007
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Last time wasn't easy.
About the charity : Marie Curie Cancer Care Marie Curie Cancer Care
Marie Curie Cancer Care provides high quality nursing totally free, to give terminally ill people the choice of dying at home supported by their families. Your local Marie Curie Hospice actively promotes quality of life for people with cancer and provides support for their families. The services are completely free to patients. World class scientists at the Marie Curie Research Institute are investigating how cancer develops to find better ways of treating the disease in the future.
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Donations to date:  5,266.00
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Personal message:

Thank you for visiting the Kilimanjaro Christmas Challenge sponsorship page.

The last time I tried something like this I found out that mountaineering is actually quite hard!  As many of you will know, in 2004, a group of 10 broke the Guinness World Record for the Highest Altitude Formal Dinner Party ever held (at 6805 metres). It was tough and three suffered badly from altitude related illnesses.

This challenge is not as high, but at 5,900 metres (just short of 20,000 ft) it is certainly no walk in the park.  This time six friends are heading to Kilimanjaro and again I am doing it for Marie Curie.  I will be carrying my trusty dinner suit, table and chairs and the usual Christmas Dinner paraphenalia.

Why do this?  Well, it's an adventure for sure, but I am also passionate about the work that Marie Curie carries out across the country.  They and their nurses work tirelessly to ensure that people who are dying can do so with dignity in their own homes, surrounded by their own comforts and family.

I have the utmost respect for the Marie Curie nurses and the work that they do. Not being qualified I am helping in the best way I can - by helping to pay for them. If you feel the same, you can help too - even a small donation makes a big difference ... it might just pay for someone's last 5 minutes of care.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Marie Curie Cancer Care will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Please help in any way you can.

Thank you (for last time, this time and maybe the next time too!).


Online fundraisers to date:
Display Name Date Amount Tax Bonus  Comment
carole saul 18/01/2007 10.00 2.82 Hi Tom and well done HNY Carole 
stephen moore 18/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Well done Tom!!! 
Kili normal 13/01/2007 20.00 5.64 Tom you're a marvel. I'm due to be up Kili in two weeks time but your effort puts me to shame! 
Andrew, Liz, Kaitlin, Charlie, Eleanor 10/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Well done Tom, no more now please!!! 
Dish 09/01/2007 20.00 5.64 Well done Tom 
Margaret Weyham 09/01/2007 5.00 1.41 Good Luck 
Blockhead 08/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Must be from Huddersfield! 
David Cox 08/01/2007 50.00 14.10  
Nicol Fraser 08/01/2007 20.00 5.64 You are an inspiration Tom 
Jonathan Garnett 07/01/2007 20.00 5.64 Tom.....unbelievable effort on the team's part....you've spurred me on to get 2008 expedition going 
Guy Olivant 05/01/2007 20.00 5.64  
Katie Olivant 05/01/2007 20.00 5.64 Brilliant !! - well done 
karen walker 05/01/2007 10.00 2.82  
Andrea Jones 04/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Good to see your mad fund raising activity continues! AJ 
Linda Pizzuti 04/01/2007 50.00 n/a We made it! Thanks for the inspiration... -Ms Claus 
Chris Sharp 04/01/2007 25.00 7.05 Congratulations on a fantastic achievement, well done! 
adam tow 04/01/2007 20.00 5.64 congrats to tom and his fellow travellers 
Sarah G 04/01/2007 50.00 14.10 well doneTom, from Sarah and Peter 
Piers Burgess 04/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Well done Tom. They're lucky to have supporters like you 
adrian hitchenor 04/01/2007 100.00 28.21 awesome effort...good job you weren't the gorilla's lunch ! 
Scott Wotherspoon 04/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Well done Tom 
John Pearce 04/01/2007 50.00 14.10 Mad as ever TOm but totally admirable. Well done! 
John, Helen, Joseph and Harry 04/01/2007 100.00 28.21 Congratulations on your wonderful achievement and welcome home! 
Jane 04/01/2007 50.00 14.10 You're a real star Tom. Well done! 
John Gibbs 03/01/2007 100.00 28.21 Well done! 
Jamie Donohoe 22/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Guess it wont be a problem getting ice for your drinks 
Jonathan Shipton 20/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good luck Tom! 
Peter Stockill 20/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Chill the wine first ! 
Rob 20/12/2006 25.00 7.05 Have fun ! 
Debbie Bland 19/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Tom, don't forget to look at the water in the plug hole. Good Luck to you & your mates. 
Simon Jones 19/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Good luck Tom and Gang. Have a great crack and come home safe. 
Andrew Parmenter 19/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good luck mate.Enjoy the climb-dont forget my attempt in Peru!! 
Amit 18/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Mad Max strikes again! Good luck and merry Xmas 
Kev 15/12/2006 10.00 2.82 Are you cycling up? 
Alan Greenberg 14/12/2006 50.00 n/a Best of luck from all of us at Invex Capital 
Laurie Dale 14/12/2006 20.00 5.64 will be thinking of you  
Natalia 13/12/2006 30.00 8.46 Lots of luck! Enjoy x 
Mike Clancy 11/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Good luck mate! 
Hamish 11/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good luck, sounds like an amazing trip 
Kathleen Pirnie 11/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good Luck!! 
caio buzzolini 09/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Enjoy the view! 
Trevor 08/12/2006 30.00 8.46 Happy Wining, Dining, Climbing. 
Ron Pearson 08/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Tom - sounds crazy but have fun and well done  
Park Place Corporate Finance LLP 08/12/2006 100.00 n/a Shouldn't you be sending Christmas with your fiancee? David 
Kevin Frisby 08/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Mad as a hatter - good luck! 
Jan Robinson 08/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Best of luck Tom!  
Juvenis 08/12/2006 20.00 5.64  
Jane Moran 07/12/2006 30.00 8.46 Tom, the nickname Mad Hatter comes to mind! Good luck and Happy Christmas from Jane & Roger xx 
Rich Ashton 07/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Good Luck, hope you have a safe and successful trip 
Rob Gudgeon 07/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good luck Tom 
The Sweetapples 07/12/2006 20.00 n/a Good to hear from you Tom. And good luck! 
Elizabeth Ratcliffe 07/12/2006 20.00 n/a Good going Tom, looking forward to the Wedding! 
Darryl Young 07/12/2006 50.00 14.10 You're a true English eccentric Tom - good luck! 
Gavin Nicholas 07/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good Luck! 
Andy Miller 07/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Tom - you're a nutter! Good luck anyway... 
Lee Sweeney 07/12/2006 50.00 14.10 You're mad! mad! mad! but good luck 
David & Elizabeth Jackson 07/12/2006 50.00 14.10 Good luck to you and the rest of the team Tom 
Si 06/12/2006 15.00 4.23 you are crazy people. very very good luck 
Brian Curran 06/12/2006 10.00 2.82 Good luck Tom and thank you and your sponsors from everyone at Marie Curie Cancer Care. 
rupert steveney 05/12/2006 20.00 5.64 Good luck 
Anonymous 27/11/2006 5.00 n/a Gift from an MMS client 
James Bottomley 21/11/2006 50.00 14.10  
Emma 14/11/2006 50.00 14.10 Kili - here we come!  
Sonia Foo 13/11/2006 100.00 28.21 Good Luck, what an adventure you take my warmest wishes with you xxx 
Sam Samuel 08/11/2006 50.00 14.10 Best of luck all the way to the top 
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